A History of the Elegant Flan

Mexican flan is one of the most popular and well-known desserts from south of the border. This dessert is a sweet custard topped with caramel sauce. It is made in the homes of rich and poor alike. It also has a long and colorful history that reaches all the way back to ancient Rome. Romans first began keeping chickens and when they ended up with a lot of eggs, they borrowed from the Greeks, mixed them up with cream, and came up with a custardy dish. They usually made theirs savory rather than sweet.

Rome shared this recipe as they conquered Europe. When Rome fell, the custard recipe they developed flourished throughout medieval Europe. As the recipe was adapted, more sweet versions were created. In Latin, this dessert was known as flado, for custard. In French, it became flaon and eventually it came to be called flan.

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Eggs were considered to have healing benefits, so flan was served to aid the liver, kidneys, and chest as well as to increase fertility. Flan spread across Europe, satisfying hungry bellies everywhere. Spain developed a sweet version topped with a caramel sauce. The recipe was brought to the New World when the Spanish arrived in Mexico.

A History of the Elegant Flan

In Mexico, the flan was elevated to a new level. Mexican flans may be made in a special pan called a bain marie. This is a pan that has a spot for the flan as well as an attached outer pan for water. Using this pan, you can cook a flan either on top of the stove or in the oven. If you do not have a bain marie, you can use a dish made of porcelain, glass or any other material that will not cause the custard to stick. This dish can be set in a roasting pan with water inside and baked.

Ramekins are often used to make individual flans, even though the sight of a large flan is impressive. Flans are not difficult to make as long as the instructions are followed carefully. The ingredients are simple and the results are elegant. What more could you want from a dessert?

Vanilla is the traditional flavor of a Mexican flan. Only use fresh vanilla bean or the best of real extracts! You can find other flavors, however like pistachio, coconut, pumpkin, lemon, or almond. All flavors are topped with the delicious caramel sauce that is the true signature of a Mexican flan.

Flan is obviously one of the most famous Mexican desserts. It is known the world over for its creaminess that cools the palate after eating a spicy dish. Serve flan as a wonderful ending to any meal. Not only is it sweet, it is nourishing as well. Those eggs and milk are good for you.

So, try making a flan at home. Go ahead, do not be afraid. This simple dessert can take some practice to truly master, but it is worth it to give your family and friends an elegant dessert. Serve it up on special occasions or just because it sounds good. You will be adding flan to your list of desserts that are tried and true.

A History of the Elegant Flan

Some of the best authentic Mexican desserts are aimed towards people with a sweet tooth. Ingredients like vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon are popular when it comes to Mexican recipes and desserts fresh fruit is always well loved. If these ingredients sound good to you, you are going to love making Mexican dessert recipes.

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